Ghost Vision

Ghost Vision mimics the first person view of strange creatures like aliens or ghosts.



Once installed, select the camera of the scene and add the component ‘Ghost Vision‘.

When you add it you will see something like:

With ‘Strength‘ (1) you can select the strength of the effect. With ‘Focus’ (2) you can change the focus point, being (0, 0) the center of the screen and (1, 1) the upper right corner.

With ‘Aperture’ (3) and ‘Zoom’ (4) you can change the size of the focus.

If you want to change the field of view, you can do so by activating ‘Change FOV‘ (5). Keep in mind that you change it, changing ‘Strength‘ (1) will also vary the field of view. You can change the speed of the effect with ‘Speed‘ (6).

If you activate ‘Color‘ (8) you can change the following:

In the first section ‘Inner color‘ you can change several color parameters of the interior area of the vision. The outside area can be modified in ‘Outer color‘.

Finally, by clicking on (9) you will be able to access the online help and by clicking on ‘Reset‘ (10) all the parameters will be the default.


All code is inside the namespace ‘Ibuprogames.GhostVisionAsset‘ and main component is ‘GhostVision‘. So if you want to use it you must first import its namespace:

using Ibuprogames.GhostVisionAsset;

If ‘myCamera‘ is a valid camera and you want to add the effect, you should do something like:

GhostVision ghostVision = mycamera.gameObject.AddComponent<GhostVision>();

All the code are well commented, I recommend reading the code if you want more information.

Any questions or suggestions you have, we will be happy to answer you in our mail:

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