Welcome to LUTopia, a large collection (182 presets) of color gradients, LUTs or look-up texture, that can transform the look of your game in a simple and easy way.


LUTopia‘ uses Color Correction Lut, an optimized way of performing color corrections in a post effect. In addition, it includes a series of color controls to adjust the final look to the desired result.


Once installed, you just have to select a camera and add one of the included profiles. Each profile includes a series of effects. If, for example, you use the ‘Cyberpunk‘ profile, you will see something like this:

With ‘Amount‘ (1) you can vary the intensity of the effect. In ‘Profile‘ you can select the different effects that the component includes (in 4 you have a brief description). Some profiles include some variations that you can change in ‘Preset‘ (3).

To better adjust the result to your needs, you can modify the following parameters:

  • Exposure (5): amount of light.
  • Color filter (6): tint the render by multiplying a color.
  • Temperature (7): sets the white balance to a custom color temperature.
  • Tint (8): sets the white balance to compensate for a green or magenta tint.
  • Contrast (9): expands or shrinks the overall range of tonal values.
  • Hue (10): shift the hue of all colors.
  • Saturation (11): pushes the intensity of all color.
  • Lift (12): controls the darkest portions of the render.
  • Gamma (13): power function that controls mid-range tones.
  • Gain (14): controls the lightest portions of the render.

Finally in (15) there is a description of the effect. By clicking on ‘[doc]‘ (16) you can access the online help. And if you click on ‘Reset‘ (17) all the parameters will return to their original values.


Too many effects and you don’t know which one to choose? With the ‘LUTOVision’ tool you can see all the effects with the camera you want and choose the one you like best.

PTo use it go to the editor menu ‘Window > Ibuprogames > LUTopia > LUTOVision’ and you will see something like this:

Select in (1) the camera you want to use, and display the effect (2) you want to see. If you change the camera, you can press (3) to refresh all the views.

You can also activate (4) to automatically refresh all views, but be careful the performance of your computer can drop considerably.


With neon shades of cyan, magenta and yellow, your games will look like they’re from a futuristic sci-fi universe. You can use this effect by adding the ‘Cyberpunk‘ component to a camera.

This effect includes five profiles:

  • Critical Error: give your game a turn with an inverted tone and cyan, magenta and yellow colors.
  • Hot Yellow: firya hot yellow make any game look hotter.
  • Neon Nights: deep black shadows emphasize the neon signs and lights.
  • Night City: purple, turquoise, yellow and gives a new perspective on the appearance of Cyberpunk.
  • Orange and Blue: orange and blue shapes to please the eye color palette.


Beautiful anime colors, dreamy blue skies, vibrant color pops, and more. You can use this effect by adding the ‘Anime‘ component to a camera.

This effect includes five profiles:

  • Anime: beautiful blue skies and vibrant colors. Works best on sunny scenes.
  • Drama: reds and blues give a simple yet dramatic look.
  • Dream: bright and dreamy styles with color shifts towards cyan and magenta.
  • Minimalist: isolated yellow-orange creates a minimalist look.
  • Retro Consoles: Special color palette with blue / purple shadows. Resembles classic game consoles.

Retro Future

Give your game the retrofuturistic look with colors that pop. You can use this effect by adding the ‘RetroFuture‘ component to a camera. This effect includes 32 presets.

Black & Yellow

Striking yellow and black combination.

This effect includes five profiles:

  • Striking: striking yellow and black combination.
  • Gold And Teal: similar to the orange and teal, but with a shift towards yellow.
  • Inferno: yellows so intense it makes everything look like it’s made out of gold.
  • Moody: colors are shifted towards yellow and black with a nostalgic, filmic touch.
  • Navy: dark blue complemented with yellows.


All code is inside the namespace ‘Ibuprogames.LUTopiaAsset‘. Each effect inherits from the ‘LUTBase‘ class, which contains all the parameters that you can modify. So if you want to use it you must first import its namespace:

1using Ibuprogames.LUTopiaAsset;

If ‘myCamera‘ is a valid camera and you want to add the effect ‘Cyberpunk‘, you should do something like:

1Cyberpunk cyberpunk = mycamera.gameObject.AddComponent<Cyberpunk>();

All the code are well commented, I recommend reading the code if you want more information.

Any questions or suggestions you have, we will be happy to answer you in our mail:

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