Fantasy And Merchants Audio Music

Fantasy & Merchants Audio Music Pack‘ are composed to give the perfect ambient for merchants places, epic battles, magical adventures, etc.

Unity Asset Store ($5)

Includes 17 original soundtracks, 28 medieval-fantasy sound effects (200 sounds) and 6 medieval-fantasy ambient.

The best real instruments and samples are used for this pack to get the perfect ambient for your fantasy-merchants places and medieval project.

It will be updated regularly.

Update 1.1.0 : Female humans & dwarfs voices (100 sound effects).


Update 1.1.1 : OST 14 – The Epic And Cartoon Story Tellers Tale

Update 1.2.0 : Summer Sale [5$]

Update 1.2.1 : OST 15 – Cartoon Dungeons & Dragons

Update 1.3.0 : Ambient 07 – Wedding In The North (Medieval Ambience) – Mendelssohn Notturno Cover

More updates and demos :


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