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The Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection

‘The Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection’ 

This full collection include all the fantasy audio/music/atmospheres/voices/sound effects of Ibuproaudio and all the best songs remastered with new real instruments and other new fantasy songs.

The number of total files are : 479 original soundtrack files, 150 fantasy quotes recorded by male/female voice over actors/actresses, 67 leitmotivs, 96 atmospheres and 3500 fantasy sound effects.

You can listen to the 98 new and remastered soundtracks here : Demo Reel of the new and remastered Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection.

Packages included:

– Fantasy & Merchants Audio Music Pack Vol. I.
– Fantasy & Merchants Audio Music Pack Vol. II.
– Fantasy Loot Audio Pack.
– Dark Fantasy Ambients & Audio Music Pack.
– The New Fantasy & Merchants Audio Music Pack.
– Fantasy & Medieval Audio Music Pack.

The Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection have the high quality music, atmospheres, ambients, sound effects, voices and the ambiences necessary for your fantasy projects with orchestral and/or 8bits styles.

All the documentation and the quality specifications are included at the Docmentation Folder of each package.

The Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection is the ultimate fantasy video game package containing all the files/tracks/cues specified above and at the documentation of each package linked in this description, above too. This package includes the full content from the 6 popular fantasy Ibuproaudio packages and almost 100 new and remastered songs. Perfect for a great variety of fantasy genres (dark fantasy, medieval, orchestral, 8bits, loots, puzzles, interfaces, epic, battles, sad songs, bard songs, tavern songs, male voices, female voices…) at an incredible price.

The collection will be usually updated. This is the philosophy of ibuproaudio.

Upgrading Instructions From Another Package:

If you own a pack that’s included in the Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection then you can upgrade for a lower cost – difference between your pack’s current purchase price and the price of the Ibuproaudio Fantasy Collection. This discount is automatic, logged in users eligible for an upgrade will see a lower price.

Obviously our soundtracks can be used in all your projects without any problem for personal or professional use.

The best real instruments and samples are used for this pack to get the perfect ambient for your fantasy-merchants places and medieval project.

If you need other kind of audio quality please contact us :

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